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Hi there!

My name is Marion Dautry. I started my journey in October 2015 when I packed my entire life in two suitcases and headed towards a new chapter: Belgrade, Serbia.

I have been working there since as a freelance journalist covering the Western Balkans (for more of that follow me on Twitter). I travel a lot for work throughout the region, but also for pleasure. After years of answering a gazillions questions about the Balkans and all the other places I have visited so far, I finally decided to start my own website to tell you all about my travels and share my stories and tips with you. I believe in sharing!

Thank you so much for following my travels and supporting me. You can find me on Instagram @HappyWanderess and on Facebook on my page “Happy Wanderess”. Please comment, share, discuss with the community! I am always open to hearing different opinions and tips about where to go and what to do!