Kosovo’s capital city is still a destination off the radar but trust me, if you are into good food and vibrant atmosphere, you will not regret making a stop in Pristina when visiting the Balkans!

When tired of walking around or searching for a place to get your daily dose of tea or coffee, you will find that Pristina has lots to offer. So much it can be hard to choose! People here do love to sit and chat for hours over a good meal, a cup of coffee or a nice cold beer. And there is not enough in a lifetime to try everything in this city has to offer when it comes to food and drinks!

For more about what to do and where to go in Pristina, check out my guide of the city!


Outside the city centre but reachable by foot, one of the favourite place of the international community. I had the most mindblowing lunch of my life there. Completely Instagram worthy. You can go there any time of the day for breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner… It’s also super healthy. It’s also a good place to sit if you’re looking for a nice environment to work on your laptop.

A healthy lunch at Sonder in Pristina, Kosovo
A healthy lunch at Sonder in Pristina, Kosovo © Marion Dautry

Sonder: 19 Mitrovica, Prishtinë 10000 • 
Monday – Saturday 07-22:00


The soup! I went there for coffee but after half a litre of delicious Chemex coffee, I had to eat something. I got the soup of the day, a potage of mushrooms and I went straight to paradise. They also serve quiches and salads and all sorts of other delicious food. The place is very popular so you might have to share a table from time to time, but that’s a great way to meet people. I also really like the design of the interior.

Tartine Deli: Rr. Fehmi Agani, Pristina
Tuesday-Sunday 08:00-18:00

Dit’ e Nat’

This cool, slightly hipsterish café very well named “Day and Night” has a dedicated space for coworking (don’t try to work on your laptop at another table!) and nice little tables. Order drinks and yummy healthy food at the bar. Options for vegetarians! They often have live music and cultural events in the evening. I like to check out the books on the shelves.

Dit’ e Nat’: Fazli Graiçevci 5, Prishtinë


Local cuisine! There is actually no menu so you’ll have to discuss with the waiter what you want to eat but everything is delicious, from the fresh warm bread they serve as a starter with three different spreads, to the yummy sarma and the deliciously creamy manti. You can easily share a fulfilling good meal and a glass of wine for around 10€ per person (worth the money!). The concept is to get starters and a few dishes to share rather than each your own plate. It’s often a busy place so you might want to book a table.

Tiffany: Fehmi Agani, Prishtinë
Monday-Saturday 08:00-23:00 Sunday 18:00-23:00

While salivating on all this amazing food and while preparing your trip to Kosovo, let me catch you up with everything you need to know about Kosovo!

Taverna Tirona

Located at 2 Korriku no.12, a small street going up from Mother Teresa Boulevard and full of those little bars and restaurants like Taverna Tirona. I’ve actually met and interviewed the owner a few years back, on another topic. Now that I think of it I also forgot my passport there – the waiter looked me up on Facebook to tell me so I could come and pick it up! The mezze I had for lunch there was quite nice and enough for my small appetite (the cheese!), but they serve many other dishes (the chicken!). It can be quite busy in the evening.

Taverna Tirona: 2 Korriku no. 8
Mon-Thu: 8 – 12 am, Fri-Sat: 8-12.30 am

MONET Art and Books

I found this place quite by chance while wandering through the streets of Pristina, looking for a place that would feel inviting to me. Do you know that feeling, when you really want to sit somewhere nice but none of the hundreds of nice places you’re passing by look right? Then I came across this small art gallery and saw the tables and the croissants on display at the bar. It is a sweet little place, perfect for a cup of tea in a calm environment (not so common in this city).

Monet Art and Books: Rruga Hajdar Dushi 23 
Monday-Friday 09:00-20:00 Saturday 09:00-17:00

Soma Book Station

The place to be and to be seen in the city centre. Drinks, working space, live music and nice cuisine with some Asian inspiration, and burgers. It’s hard to get a good picture there because the light is low, and I don’t like to work there for the same reason. But I like meeting friends there and enjoy the lively atmosphere!

A cosy evening with friends at Soma © Marion Dautry

Soma Book station: Fazli Grajqevci
Monday-Saturday 08:00-00:00


For the coffee and the sweets. There is a big Matisse on the main square at one end of Mother Teresa Boulevard. They have also opened one in Rruga B if you ever find yourself on the hills of Pristina. They have a selection of cute cakes (very kid friendly!).

Matisse: rruga B or Zahir Pajaziti Square
Monday-Sunday 07:00-00:00

Bake and Cakes

Perfect for a quick warm stop. This little café is slightly hidden on the main square, behind a clothes shop. They make all sorts of impressive, colorful cakes (anyone with a birthday coming up?) and smaller cakes and sweet things to eat with a cup of tea or coffee. They also have a pair of cute birds singing above the tables.

Black tea and chocolate chip cookie at Bake and Cake © Marion Dautry

Bake and cake: Zahir Pajaziti Square


Another good place to sit with a laptop. Order at the counter when you enter among the fresh offer of salty sandwiches and burek and sweet cakes and cookies. I often go there or a break and to get some writing done, as I like a lively atmosphere. It is not a quiet place. I like the bright interior and the quotes on the walls.

Trosha: 1000 Pejton
Monday-Saturday 07:00-23:00 Sunday 09:00-21:00

Chop Sandwich Club

I haven’t tried this one personally, but it was recommended to me when I recently made a post about eating in Pristina on my Instagram account (follow me!) by a local and it looks yummy! I’ll make sure to try their sandwiches and soups next time I come to visit.

Chop Sandwich Club: Hajdar Dushi, no: 42
Monday-Saturday 09:00-20:00

Half and Half

I have tried half of the menu there I think. I’ve been to Half and Half, right in the middle of Mother Teresa Boulevard in the morning for coffee, in the afternoon for a nice warm cup of Salep (warm milk with cinnamon) and in the evening for wine. It’s definitely hipsterish. And interactive: I spent one hour once with a friend trying to recognize the paintings on the walls (they are copies of famous paintings that have been painted on, hiding part of the picture).

Half Half Café: Bulevardi Nënë Tereza
Monday-Sunday: 07:30-23:00


Very relaxed atmosphere appreciated by foreign visitors and locals alike. You can even play darts. The inside is all wooden like a good old fashion pub, with small rond tables and large barrels also used as tables. A perfect place to try the Sabaja, Pristina craft beer! You can also order barbecue-type food.

MIQT Pub: Tringe Smajli 17
Monday-Sunday 08:00-00:00

Hamam Bar

An institution of Pristina when it comes to live music. In the centre of the city, underground, the bar is big and gets filled up pretty quickly on weekends after 11 pm/midnight, when the bands are getting ready to light up the night!

Hamam: 9 Hajdar Dushi
Tuesday-Saturday 19:00-02:00

This list is not exhaustive and will be updated. If you have a tip, leave a comment and share your knowledge of Pristina’s good spots for (day and) nightlife!

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  1. And NOW I am hungry! Some great choices, I would love to try the food at Tiffany and Sonder looks like the perfect place to eat local food. Thanks for sharing!

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